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Rock or Tree Pipit ?

Observed: 28th May 2012 By: sgwarnogsgwarnog’s reputation in Birdssgwarnog’s reputation in Birdssgwarnog’s reputation in Birdssgwarnog’s reputation in Birds
Pipit 1
Pipit 2
Pipit 3

I think this is either a Rock Pipit or a Tree Pipit, but would appreciate an expert opinion. I'm leaning toward Rock Pipit, but am happy to be advised otherwise. I'd ruled out Meadow Pipit as it had a completely different song to the Meadow Pipits I see every day on our local moor.

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I am not sure that these are all the same bird, are they? The second bird looks very different to the first.

Rock is very much a bird of the coast. Tree and Meadow can be very similar, though Meadow is the best assumption for a bird...start with the idea it is a Meadow and then look for why it might be Tree. Tree has a stouter bill, a clearer supercilium, very light flank streaks and a short hind claw. That sounds easy, but in reality they can be very hard to tell apart. The first one is definitely Meadow.


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Thanks. It's possible they're

Thanks. It's possible they're not the same bird, but they were taken within a few minutes of each other while I was observing. The reason I'd ruled out Meadow Pipit was because the song was so different to the Meadow Pipits that I see and hear all the time on my local moor. That was the key reason I thought it would be one of the other two, more than appearance.

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