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Spindle Ermine caterpillars?

Observed: 8th June 2012 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
8.6.12 007 spindle with caterpillar nests Banbury Rd
8.6.12 011 prob Spindle Ermine caterpillars

On spindle, making tents with their silk. Googling seems to suggest Spindle Ermine Moths? Only noticed on one spindle shrub in hedge - others nearby didn't have any caterpillars at all.

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Kineton hedge

I laid a very old hedge somewhere very close to Kineton in the early/mid 80s on a BTCV working 'holiday' - my first experience of handling spindle. Used an axe I had not long since bartered from some vandals which I still have.

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