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Unidentified beetle

Observed: 4th June 2012 By: sally cunninghamsally cunningham’s reputation in Invertebrates
unidentified beetle

Seen near Hathersage moor on Longshaw Estate Derbyshire. Several adults were flying and landing on short grass amongst patches of bracken: wings looked quite dark brownish orange, maybe netted? wouldn't stay still long enough to get good look. Elytra seemed to be much more bronze-orange matallic then appears in photo. Length aprox 3/4in, general appaerance and movements similar to click beetle but did not leap up to click when approached, flew off instead.

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You are ...

right though it is a Click beetle.The day you encountered it, it was obviously a good flying day ie. warm\hot so he took the best type of evasive action open to him and left the clicking business until he got caught. If that makes sense!