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Lordship plants - Woody Nightshade in 'Bat-corner'

Observed: 8th June 2012 By: jeremyrjeremyr’s reputation in Plantsjeremyr’s reputation in Plantsjeremyr’s reputation in Plantsjeremyr’s reputation in Plants

This plant is now flowering beside the sedges at the north-west 'Bat Corner' of the pond. The bench here is the the hot-spot for bats in the park, having a warm current of air flowing past. Common and Nathusius' Pipistrelles like to fly up and down this edge of the pond, so look out out for them on tomorrow night's Batwalk, with Daubenton's bat too, hopefully skimming over the water.
Picture 3 showing the bat-bench, the Nightshade is midway between the Yellow Iris and the floating log - click on pictures to enlarge them, then press 'View the Original Image'. Then tap on an area of that image to produce a super close-up, you can see the purple flower clearly

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