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Yellow pea

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I'm not sure it is 'impolite' to put up pictures at an angle (?!), but Alan is right that you ought to be able to rotate them easily enough. If you have them in your 'Pictures' on the computer, a right click on a photo normally brings up the option to 'Rotate clockwise' and so on.

Worth a try, if only for your own satisfaction. Your pictures would then be 'polite' in its original sense of 'polished'. ;)


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I've only uploaded one photo, but my experience leads me to suspect that this site does not respect the EXIF orientation flag in JPEG files. So a photo that displays correctly on, say PicasaWeb (which does respect the flag) may display incorrectly, on its side, here.

The fact that Microsoft Windows is also largely broken in this regard can easily lead those who are uninterested in the technical details of the JPEG standard into unwarranted assumptions about where any fault lies.

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Sorry !

Thanks Alan,have gone into my pics and right clicked a pic as you suggest.
Sure enough there is a rotate facility.
Some of us outdoor types need to be told such things but I promise you I am usually very polite !
Will try the rotate thing next time I upload.
Once again ,you were right to instruct me .
Thanks, George