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Unidentified flower 3

Observed: 27th May 2012 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in PlantsYashca’s reputation in PlantsYashca’s reputation in Plants
Unidentified flower 3

Can anyone recommend a website that is good for identifying plants and flowers?

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I think a book is easier really

I really like my copy of 'The Wildflower Key' by Francis Rose/Clare O'Reilly - good clear pictures and descriptions that highlight key points. I don't use the main key so much as I usually know which family to look in, but the smaller keys I do find very helpful.

I find it much easier to look at several pictures and compare them than on the internet - but I know it's more expensive! I used the internet at first for bees and dragonflies, but soon decided a book would work better.

Best place for identifying things on the internet is here on ispot, but it is good to have had a go yourself first.

Sorry if that doesn't help so much.

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That's great advice thank

That's great advice thank you. I've been leaning towards buying a book because at the moment I try to identify things online, and I do manage a few species, but I get stuck a lot.

I just feel I maybe put too many pictures on ispot sometimes.

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Not so, Yashca -

-in my opinion.
The only way for you - and me, amongst others - to learn is to see lots of different species; and pictures of different individual specimens at different stages or habitats. Keep on posting!

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the only trouble

The only trouble with buying books is it can get addictive and expensive. I wouldn't like to admit how much I spent on natural history books last year! But the pleasure I get from them makes them very good value for money.