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Not Yet Fully Mature Herring Gull

Observed: 2nd June 2012 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in BirdsLucy Corrander’s reputation in Birds

White front half, yellow beak with red dot. Grey back with rim of brown blodges. Pink, webbed feet. Dark, banded tail.

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Latin name

Consider adding a Latin name or someone else may and you'll lose the credit.

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Latin Name and Credit

I've added a Latin name . . . However, as for credit - I go to great pains here to have as little as possible. I'm hoping my pictures are a useful contribution and am, certainly, learning a lot from iSpot. However, there are times when I have thought I was certain about something then found I was completely wrong - so I really don't want anyone to think I know anything about anything, even though I try to be accurate. For this reason, I always say 'it might be this' or 'I don't know'.

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It might be this

There's nothing wrong with using " it might be this", it's all about learning. However it's the Latin name that truly identifies your sighting. At worst you'll be wrong but you could also be right. Regards Chris.