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Purple flower

Observed: 31st May 2012 By: Mattybrown2
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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purple flower
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A site to see it

Anyone visiting the well known site for Pasque Flower near Royston will probably park in a certain shaded area.

Before taking the path through the woodland, take a look down the bank on the other side of the road. Big population of V. major var. oxyloba in the scrub here, amongst whatever litter has been thrown down the slope.

Difficult to believe it is not at least a subspecies.


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Surprised and disappointed

It looks as though further agreement has been added to the INCORRECT identification as "Vinca minor".

I suggest anyone doing so should first make sure they look at the photo at highest magnification and add a note explaining why they are ignoring the diagnostic leaf margin of V. major, and they should also google images of var. oxyloba (yes, there are a number of good, correctly named photographs). See, for instance,

Yes, it is a different looking plant from var. major - duller, narrower leaves as well as very distinct flower. If one overlooks the scale provided by the fingers in the photo above, first glance does make one think of V. minor. But IDs need to be a bit more careful.

This is a good photo of absolutely typical V. major var. oxyloba.

(slightly exasperated)