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Frogs in home-made pond in Manchester

Observed: 10th March 2010 By: Cheshire CatCheshire Cat’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesCheshire Cat’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Frogspawn with a bit of pond there too
New tadpoles
They were everywhere!
Frogs 14/3/10
Frisky frogs

Made our 8' by 4' pond Autumn and Dec 2007 - hard work! Put uncle's frogspawn in spring 2008. They hatched into tadpoles, even the late ones which survived ice and hatched in Spring 2009, and grew, spreading into the garden and the field beyond. Surprise, surprise, about 70 frogs turned up (they may have hibernated in the pond, or not). Then they started breeding. The croaking even drowned out the birds and helicopters. We ended up with 40 balls of spawn - now a pond full of tadpoles. Looks like the hard work was all worth it!

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Swarm of frogs

This is a wonderful site considering the fears about the declines in frog populations.

Graham Banwell

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