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Unknown seaweed?

Observed: 7th June 2012 By: lalows2lalows2’s reputation in Plantslalows2’s reputation in Plantslalows2’s reputation in Plants

About 5-6" across fully stretched out.
Possibility it may be a sponge but it didn't feel squishy.

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Channel wrack

Thanks Chalkie - looks good for that, Still have specimen will have closer look.
Must have washed in on a storm NBN map shows it occurring nowhere near here but that means little at sea.

The magic of nature is all around us - we just need to learn how to see it.

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I don't know how well recorded seaweeds are - maybe it does actually grow quite near you. I remember it from the Isle of Man - maybe it's come on a long journey! I suspect there's somewhere rocky closer than that though.

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it is recorded.... your area - see 'guide to seaweeds of Britain and Ireland'. It is however an old specimen of channel wrack and quite rightly could have drifted from anywhere.

It is also a plant and it would be good to edit and move to plants :)