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Hedge Bedstraw?

Observed: 22nd June 2009 By: DaisyDaisy’s reputation in PlantsDaisy’s reputation in PlantsDaisy’s reputation in Plants
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A tricky one. Definitely a

A tricky one. Definitely a bedstraw and might be hedge bedstraw but the book I am looking at says this has smooth stems whereas I think the photo shows small prickles/hooks on the stem. Other possibilities might be marsh or fen bedstraw or northern bedstraw. How big was the plant e.g. under half a metre or around 1m (or some other height). What was the habitat like e.g. acid heathy area, or wet grassy place or hedgerow etc.

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I can't really remember what

I can't really remember what the habitat was like to be honest, I took the photo while on holiday about 3 weeks ago. I think it was inbetween a loch and woodland on a stoney beach.

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Perhaps most likely Northern

Perhaps most likely Northern bedstraw from the number and shape of leaves, this tends to be quite a small plant, generally under half a metre, much lower than hedge bedstraw so it would have been useful to know how tall it was growing.

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Definitely Northern Bedstraw, as the leaf photo clearly shows 3 veins in each leaf rather than the single vein in hedge bedstraw. Also hedge bedstraw's leaves end in a sharp point.

Bob Ford

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I think this is the Northern Bedstraw. I agree with Bob Ford about the 3 veins visible in each leaf. The flower head is also more similar to Northern. It is denser and more robust thn Hedge.