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Observed: 31st May 2012 By: Peadar na BreacPeadar na Breac’s reputation in MammalsPeadar na Breac’s reputation in MammalsPeadar na Breac’s reputation in Mammals
L&G June 053

Poor fellow just hopped out of my way,eyes quite swollen and it was obviously sensory deprived.Between the Foxes and the Buzzards I don't fancy his chances but you never know.

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It is said that swelling of the eyelids and ears which causes blindness and deafness also reduces there sensitivity to pain,and there appetite remains unimpaired they will also still try to mate even a few hours before death.I have noticed that there is not as much about in my area at the moment but at least you can take some comfort in knowing that they are not in agony.


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I hope...

When I'm about 103 that I catch Myxomatosis and all you say comes true!!!!!
Failing that I hope the same for that poor divil!