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Polychaete worm

Observed: 6th June 2012 By: darwincentre
The Darwin Centre
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Found on the sand at St Brides Haven

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Hard to say

While there are a few possible IDs for this worm, supplying them would be little more than an informed guess.

To identify a worm its preferable to photograph it in water so that its possible to look at the structures on the head (antennae, palps etc). In an ideal world its good to see the detail of the parapodia (legs).

Mike Kendall

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Thanks Mike, I'll get some

Thanks Mike, I'll get some water shots next time.

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On closer inspection

I wonder if the head is missing....The first image (top left) suggests a break somewhere down the body and then a red,tapering tail. Can't be sure but please don't stop trying. There are too few marine worms on ISpot.

Mike Kendall

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not a maldanid

It is a posterior fragment which makes it all the harder to id. It does have branchiae - the red filaments - in the posterior.