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Marsh Orchid

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Common Spotted Orchid 1
Common Spotted Orchid
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Could be another Heath Spotted? (Not that I'm entirely convinced they are totally separate species, but I'm only an orchid beginner really.)

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It is not a spotted orchid.

It is not a spotted orchid. HSO and CSO are very distinct species, with totally different ecology (acid vs basic soils). In some places in the W Isles you can have 100% CSO on the machair on the seaward side of the road, and 100% HSO on the moor on the inland side.



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Maybe I got a bit too downhearted reading the BSBI article (New Journal of Botany) about marsh orchids last week! It is all rather mind-boggling how many times they get renamed, lumped, split etc. And I really should have taken on board the soil requirements for HSO and CSO - I got the impression last year that I'd seen both on one site (other people identifying them) - but maybe they were where different soils were close together, as you describe above. Thanks again.

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Nob End

This is a known site for D. fuchsii x purpurella (which to me looks like praetermissa). Just shows how difficult they are!


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And one of my books says 'Some investigators suggest that D praetermissa could very well have been developed as a result of hybridisation between the Early Marsh (D incarnata) and the Common (D fuchsii) or Heath Spotted (D maculata)' - but it is an old book - 1979! and by Scandinavians, who apparently think differently about these orchids to UK people.

I don't like giving up though!