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GS Woodpecker Feeding

Observed: 6th June 2012 By: Bill HendersonBill Henderson’s reputation in BirdsBill Henderson’s reputation in BirdsBill Henderson’s reputation in BirdsBill Henderson’s reputation in Birds
Junior Feeding Itself

I know that I posted a similar photo last week but this juvenile has moved on to feeding itself. The male was still keeping close.
I'm new to birdwatcheing and this might mot be significant to the more experienced but it excites me :-)

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Don't ever apologise for putting up pictures like this. I rarely see juveniles, as they never come near the garden. Anyone who fails to be interested needs to go and get another hobby!

If it keeps returning to the feeders through the summer, watch out for the red cap being moulted away and then see whether it grows any red on the nape to show whether it's a male or a female.


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Thanks for the kind comments.

I'll keep an eye on it over the summer as you suggest.


Bill Henderson

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I'm with..

...Ophrys - watching the youngsters grow up is great and should be recorded - this is a good species to see those changes - male/female. Hope to see the evidence of change.

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Great Shot!

In my book, a Great Spotted Woodpecker is always worth taking a picture of, and showing it off wherever you can!

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Thanks for the encouragemnet. I'll post photos of the change if I'm lucky enmough to see it.


Bill Henderson