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Are these versions of the same plant?

Observed: 2nd June 2012 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in Plants
                    Plant with Purple Flowers
                               Plant with purple flowers cropped
                               Another plant with purple flowers
                             The other plant with purple flowers close up

Free standing plants, between three and five foot high. Flowers one and a half inches long, hanging down. Some purple (different shades) some white. Leaves buddleia sized and shaped but without silver tinge and not as furry.

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Russian Comfrey

Thanks for ID. I'm wondering if you'd be able to tell me how I can distinguish this from the common kind?

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Actually, I have removed my agreement - the variability led me to think this was x uplandicum, but looking at the winged stems and reading this comment:
has made me change my mind. That comment should answer your question!

Bill Welch

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Thanks for your comment and the link to the note. I have concluded from this a) that I haven't a hope of knowing what's what and b) that I was not wrong in that it's easy to be confused when looking at these plants!

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The White Comfrey

Thanks for the ID. I'm still a little confused though - is the white flower also Symphytum officinale or just the top two?

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