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Harbour Porpoise

Observed: 2nd June 2012 By: piggehwoopiggehwoo’s reputation in Mammals
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pic 1 ...

...looks very much like dolphin pos common rather than porpoise. Fin too. Will be corrected, there are experts out there that know more than me.

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No it's definitely a

No it's definitely a porpoise, we saw several feeding, porpoise don't show their heads above the water line when they breathe, they were the right size too.

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if you're ....

...happy good to offer ID then :)

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fairly typical of porpoise -

Fairly typical of porpoise - the dolphins that occur in UK waters all have falcated (hooked) fins - a good spot piggehwoo harbour porpoise is a difficult species to see as they are very discreet