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Common Shrew?

Observed: 5th June 2012 By: Didor
    Likely ID
    Common Shrew?
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
    ID agreements (): 3 People
    • keredtramskeredtrams’s reputation in Mammalskeredtrams’s reputation in Mammals
    • gramandy
      Kent Wildlife TrustThanet Coast ProjectWildwood Trust
      gramandy’s reputation in Mammalsgramandy’s reputation in Mammalsgramandy’s reputation in Mammals
    • RachelCorking
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Any more pic's

Do you have any more photo's or measurements


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Any more pics

Yes, a side-on photo would be useful. I'm not really sure from this angle how long the tail is in relation to the body, which is a useful indicator.

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