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Funny bug 029

Observed: 5th June 2012 By: raikesraikes’s reputation in Invertebratesraikes’s reputation in Invertebratesraikes’s reputation in Invertebrates
funny bug 029

found on a rock near pond,head looks a little dragon fly like no idea. please help maybe aquatic?


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Hi, it's definitely a dragonfly larvae, would you have another shot that shows the tail in more detail, we may be able to get to species if you do.

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thanks Chris, thought this

thanks Chris, thought this was one for you will post a tail shot if I have one may take a while my PCs that old it runs on steam Paul.

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Possibly a chaser?

Given the date and its general outline, it could have been a Four Spotted Chaser, or Broad Bodied Chaser ... was it alive?

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yes it was alive more info

yes it was alive more info and another photo see 1-4-CHRIS. Paul

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Thanks for that. I've had a

Thanks for that. I've had a look and I think it's a chaser, either a Broad Bodied or a 4-Spotted. The abdomen looks quite a chubby shape, and from this pic it looks to me like the eyes protrude up above the top of the head, which would suggest broad bodied chaser. On the other hand, there's a lateral spine (I think) on S8-9 which would seem to suggest 4-spotted chaser. But I'm no expert!