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Parhelophilus Hoverfly

Observed: 30th May 2012 By: DluogsDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Parhelophilus 1a
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Parhelophilus 1c
Parhelophilus 1d
Parhelophilus 1e

A stripy-backed hoverfly like a sun fly but with yellow antennae and more yellow on legs. I think its a female, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

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A female, yes. As such, it is difficult to get to species, especially since the pictures are over exposed. Things like front tibia colour, colour of hairs on tergites...etc just cannot be made out (and are difficult, anyway). The position of spots on tergite 3, with the grey spots separated, might suggest frutetorum, but that is not an ID!


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Thanks for looking for me!

Thanks for looking for me!