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Odd insect

Observed: 28th May 2009 By: John-d-hJohn-d-h’s reputation in InvertebratesJohn-d-h’s reputation in Invertebrates

Legs like grasshopper, body like wasp/hoverfly. 15mm long

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Excellent. Many thanks; I hadn't heard of the wasp beetle before, and my attempts to find similar images in Google failed. [I mean, 'yellow black insect' is not a very narrow search term, is it?] Months of puzzlement over.


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Is that an indigenous species to the UK? This site is great for getting long standing nature queries answered.

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Wasp Beetle

This is an indigenous insect, and if you click on the NBN map link above you'll see that it is widespread in the southern half of Britain. Its larvae develop in dead/deacying wood, but unlike some dead-wood species that need very large, ancient trees, this one will develop in quite small pieces of wood. I've occasionally had them hatch out of small logs brought indoors for firewood.

The adults feed at flowers on nectar and pollen.

The imitation of a wasp is excellent, and extends to mimicking wasp-like behaviour as well, with jerky movements and waving its antennae.

For more info see:


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