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Observed: 20th September 2009 By: John-d-hJohn-d-h’s reputation in InvertebratesJohn-d-h’s reputation in Invertebrates

looks like a wood beetle, a little like a weevil, but with only a short proboscis, pictured crawling overa sliding door sill to the outside. Slow moving.

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A common pest in gardens, all

A common pest in gardens, all the adult weevils are female and may, during the warmer months,lay several hundred eggs, without the need of a male. One of the few pests that I happily kill on sight.

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Despite being unable to fly, they are dreadful pests. The grubs are white with a pale brown head, around 8-10mm long when mature. They eat roots and a 15cm pot of compost can harbour a few dozen, which make short work of any plants in the pot.
Not a native - so every reason to "remove" any that you find.

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Thanks - very helpful. Perhaps sorry I let it go at the time. I will know better.