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Observed: 2nd September 2011 By: Fungi festFungi fest’s reputation in InvertebratesFungi fest’s reputation in Invertebrates

one of these is the caterpilla of the common rustic/cabbage moth. it later turned into this, they both did the same thing, it stayed that way all winter then the moth emerged last week.


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Picture of the moth

I don't think it is Common Rustic, as pciture indicate the caterpillar of that species is green with a more tapering look.

Do you have a picture of the adult moth. Common Rustic and Cabbage are quite different so it should be easy to work out which it is from that.

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picture of moth

Yes there is a picture. There was 2 caterpillas both turned into cocoons. The picture is the one that emerged. In my observations the picture is DSCF6699, The other cocoon has not yet emerged. I think it is still ok though.

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I remember that one now

It was I think.

Still not convinced I got the right ID for that as Cabbage Moth though.