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Injured robin

Observed: 4th June 2012 By: EntsEnts’s reputation in Birds

Does anybody know what might have happened to the side of this robin's head? It seems perfectly ok in every other respect (certainly eats a lot!).

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Not sure what happened with the Latin name, it should be Erithacus rubecula. Nearly there, you should change it.

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Thanks Chris, just a

Thanks Chris, just a technical issue with my laptop freezing.

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It's not uncommon

for robins to have black areas of plumage: I'll post an old 35mm slide I've converted to show this. I suspect it's nothing more than that in this case. too.

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Thank you, greatly

Thank you, greatly appreciated.

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This is not ...

... dark coloured feathers as suggested. The photo is of high quality which allows a very close look at the patch which is clearly absent of feathers, indeed the ear opening can be seen.

Three possible explanations come to mind; Robins are highly territorial and will fight viscously (see www.ispot.org.uk/node/135451) this may be a combat injury, some form of infestation/infection such as ear mites, or just simply the start of the post breeding moult.