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Is this bird old enough to leave the nest?

Observed: 4th June 2012 By: EntsEnts’s reputation in Birds

Blackbirds have been nesting in our ivy for the last few weeks. This morning I noticed one of the chicks was outside of the nest and seemingly not able to fly. Can anybody reassure me that the chick is the right age to leave the nest? The parents are still feeding it so I assume it's ok but I want to be sure. Thank you.

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chick ok

you can assume the chick is fine if the parents are still feeding it. They can usually flutter a bit at this stage but prefer to sit around being fed.
Of course they are vulnerable at this stage though, did you see that woodpecker on springwatch waiting for blue tits to fledge then scoffing them as they left the box!

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Oh no

I know and can you remember the owl chick a couple of years ago that scoffed all it's siblings such is life,survival is the most important thing and lot's of birds do this to other birds.


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Yes I did see the woodpecker,

Yes I did see the woodpecker, yikes!

The worry in my garden are the pesky squirrels. Let's hope they stay away until this little guy is big and strong enough to take them on ;)

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well, I just watched four

well, I just watched four crows queuing up to have a serious go at a slightly slow squirrel this morning, so it's a natural carousel of horror as it were, to avoid quoting Tennyson(claw, tooth, red).

the one that really got to me was the Herring Gull clearing out a colony of pipistrelles as they emerged, these colonies are decades old, that was just wrong!

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