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Oysterplant (Mertensia martitima)

On one part of the shore near where I live there are quite a few of these plants growing on the upper part of a pebbly beach. I have been told that their presence has been recorded some time ago and that this is the only place they grow on the eastern side of Scotland.

A little bit later than usual, they are now just coming into flower and I would like to post photos of them, but wonder about the wisdom of it in case there are those out there who might try to illegally dig them up, as they are quite close to the footpath.

I suppose what I am asking is, is it safe to post them with their location? I'm probably being paranoid and would value someone else's opinion.



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You can select the option

You can select the option that does not give precise location and instead just puts a large box around the approximate location. I would not think that people would dig them up as i think that seeds and plants are available to grow in the garden, much easier just to buy from reputable stockists than going to collect in wild.

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Thank you

Thank you for that. I didn't know either the seed or the plant could be bought for garden growing. They are rather lovely little plants.