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Observed: 13th April 2010 By: AlladellAlladell’s reputation in InvertebratesAlladell’s reputation in Invertebrates
West End Common,Trueshott 13 04 0348 edited-1

After a very unproductive day out with the camera at a nearby wood's cause by dogs taking their owners for a walk and the schools being out . Happy for them to be in the park area but why have they started to roam the woods. Anyway this is the best of it.

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Spot the Ladybird

God day dshubble, thank you for information I noticed the seventh spot but dismissed it


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Generally you can count the

Generally you can count the spots to get the species, but several species have melanic variations with different spot numbers. The FSC chart on ladybird ID is a great buy if you're interested in them - it's only a coule of pounds and covers all the ladybirds in the UK

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