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20120604_4 Chrysalis NH813957

Observed: 3rd June 2012 By: Helen Mainwood
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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20120604_4 Chrysalis NH813957
20120604_6 Chrysalis NH813957

Found in area of coastal heath. Large empty chrysalis on grassy path.

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Thanks. I've certainly had

Thanks. I've certainly had Fox Moth caterpillars in the locality.

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Hi Helen,Definitely Fox

Hi Helen,

Definitely Fox Moth, its very distinctive with its broad orange hoops. Here are 2 more examples. The soft sock like cocoon itself is what distinguishes it best as Fox Moth. The moorland where I see the species was strewn with empty cocoons during the summer. Some contained the pupal exuviae as above. There were plenty of Eggar and Emperor cocoons to compare to also. Drinker is much less common than these other 3 in my area but ukleps contains a Drinker cocoon and I can safely say I havent seen one of those in the field yet.

Drinker, Eggar and Emperor cooons are all very different looking and not confusable.