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Brown Rat

Observed: 1st June 2012 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in MammalsSimon Walker’s reputation in Mammals
Brown Rat, Amwell, 2012-06-01 003

Kept coming out of the nettles, foraging for a minute or two, then scurrying back. I watched it for some while. Lots of people don't like rats - I'm not mad keen myself - but they're certainly very successful.

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I always think that everything has a purpose it either eats something or something else eats it.I had a plague of voles for about 2 years but now they have died back and I have lot's of birds of prey and Owls,must say I don't see why midges exist.


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Well, that's obvious!

Hi Sheila.

Midges exist to make your life hell.

Actually, I think quite a lot of things eat them: swallows and their kin, bats, spiders, dragonfflies and damselflies, loads of stuff really. Good job too, or we'd be swamped by the little buggers.