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Red Campion (was Puccinia rust? on Red Campion)

Observed: 1st June 2012 By: vburton
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Possible rust on Red Campion Silene dioica, added photographs of underside and close up of lesion.

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vburton You are right there

You are right there are two, Puccinia arenariae and P behenis. I helped with a survey of these last year and although the former has been recorded 10x more often than the latter in the past I found them in equal numbers.
Unfortunately at this time of year there are other causes of "small brown marks" on the leaves and I think you have come across one of these and I don't think it is a Puccinia at all. A photo from the underside would have given confirmation.

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I was not aware there could

I was not aware there could be other causes. I managed to re-visit the site and take a photo of the underside. Hopefully this helps.

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It looks the same from on top

It looks the same from on top but the underneath is quite different - see my observation

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Ah yes I see that looks much

Ah yes I see that looks much different. I will change the observation to the Silene only in that case and will keep looking out for the rusts. Is there a best time of year to look?

Thanks for your help.

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Keep looking now. Last year

Keep looking now. Last year the first find was April the last November. Lots in May and June. They were usually lower down earlier in the year but it got to a point when any large area of Campion usually turned up one or occasionally both species.

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The secondary ID hides the true purpose of the post - the pucccinia and yes it is probably either Puccinia arenariae or P. behenis, despite what Mal suggests. My leaves have the almost identical upper marks and the lower ones show it to have the well ordered, concentric rings of a 'puccinia'.
Of course, I am here because I am researching my own this morning
What a useful data-base iSpot is. I have been on it for all my spare time just after breakfast (for nearly an hour and a half). Is this what iSpot is for?
Mine is the only agreement here after 4 years a'waiting!
Try this - my first of, eventually, two http://www.ispotnature.org/node/829981