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Scoparia sp

Observed: 30th May 2012 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in Invertebrates
Scoparia sp 1
Scoparia sp 2

Twelve of these little moths were found in the moth trap.

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There are a number of references in other iSpot observations of this group to the issues of securing an accurate ID on the basis of external characteristics. As a group they are highly variable. Have a look at the first line of the description of this species here -

Perhaps one of the 12 could be dissected?

Robert Homan

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Thanks Robert - I hadn't realsied that the Scoparids were not identifiable on the basis of the external characteristics although that is tricky enough with the similar photos in Chris Manley's photographic guide.

I have just found out from David Howden that there is a new Field Guide to the Micro-Moths of Great Britain and Ireland which I will get as soon as I can - hopefully it will have some details on what to look for upon dissection because I currently have no idea.