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Fledgling or not

Observed: 19th May 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in Birds
Fledgling or not

Rather well camouflaged birds there are two on the track (drive) outside my house I was not sure if they are adult birds or fledglings about the same size of a Chaffinch there are lots of insects and seeds on the track plus it is muddy any idea's welcome.It is a farm location if that helps

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As Chris says, these look like adult female Linnets (though first year males sometimes lack much red at all). They do not look like fledglings, as young Linnets tend to have very short tail feathers and wing feathers when they leave the nest.


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That's exciting as I did not know I got them around here.I will try and get some better photo's,I have never seen them before or should I say probably never noticed them,will add them to my B.T.O list of birds.