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Help please

Observed: 1st June 2012 By: BewilderedBewildered’s reputation in Plants
Help please

Growing in a raised bed next to an unmarked stake. I know it's not the asparagus I planted but I can't remember what else it might have been that I planted two years ago. Then again it might be a weed. Horse Radish? About 2 feet tall. Can I eat it? :)

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does look rather like horseradish

Try grating a bit of the root (which does look right for horseradish) - if it smells strongly and makes you cry, it's even more likely that it is horseradish! I can't offhand think of anything else it's likely to be, but wouldn't like to say it was definitely horseradish just in case it isn't.

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that was brave!

or maybe foolhardy! Though horseradish does smell pretty distinctive. Hope you enjoyed it with cream and a nice piece of roast beef!