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Holcus lanatus

Observed: 1st June 2012 By: gregoriangregorian’s reputation in Plants
spikelet glumes removed
small overy from lower floret next to upper floret

grass growing on pavement
seems like it could be holcus lanatus
it is downy all over including stem with leaves removed, grey green has only slightly red stripey trousers.
keys out in hubbard as a holcus
have difficulty with growth form as it is very thick seems to me like a dense mat as opposed to tufted but i am fairly novice with grasses.
why i doubt my identification: seems to have rhizomes shown in picture however are these stolons.
awn on upper lemma not recurved, there is an ovary in upper floret but it is very small it is pictured next to a lower floret. there are glumes left where a floret has fallen of.

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Holcus lanatus

Looks good to me. The awn is not protruding from the glume, one of the key features. It also looks softly hairy all over.