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Reeds with cotton-like seeds

Observed: 30th May 2012 By: Acai_
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These tall reeds are covered with what I assume are seeds that look like cotton. Does anyone know what this species is called?

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Think your right to leave it at the genus Sheila, I jumped in too quick!Whoops!

David J Trevan

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I know its in Stace as

I know its in Stace as Bulrush but I still think it should be called a Reedmace! Scirpus is the original bulrush (must be getting old).

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Don't worry

I do it too but went for genus as I am not that familiar with this plant.I also note your comment Mark I have only known it as Bulrush and that is what came up as the common name on ispot so as long as the scientific name is correct then I think there will always be differing opinions on common names I think this show's how important it is to use scientific names.I used to pick these as a kid (health and safety) and sell them around the doors as it was the mid 70's when everyone had those big vases with dried pampas grass and other dried flowers in there porches (well they did up north) I think I was only about 7 or 8 but made enough to get a space hopper and some clackers (the things that broke your wrists)



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great story!

Oh, I remember clackers too! Never sold bulrushes (or reedmace) door to door though. I love ispots that have comments on! So much more interesting than just an id.

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Greater reedmace

The leaves appear wide in the photo rather than thin and grass like which would suggest latifolia over angustifolia

Never had clackers but do know that the seeds don't half stick to velour furniture when brought inside!!!!!

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