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Observed: 13th April 2010 By: Geezer7

Soft, moist fungus about the size of an adult palm. Cauliflower like appearance. Growing on dead standing Oak tree.


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White, woodland fungus

I'd love to know what fungus this is, if indeed it is a fungus.

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Possibly a Myxomycete

This might be one of the Myxomycetes, also known as slime moulds.


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Fungal mould

I cannot add much towards the name or identity, but have seen it before (or perhaps should say similar )not on growing wood but on a decaying old wooden barge, half sunken in the mud of the river Wey.
This grew over the years undisturbed and before the old barge was broken up and taken away one site was 5-6 feet across it went through several changes of colour from cream to a yellow grey because of this it gave the appearance of growing from the centre out.
At the time the gentleman from the National trust called it a fungal mould accruing from wet rot? When touched it felt some- what like seaweed.