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What is this plant?

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    What is this plant?

About fourteen inches high.

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Lactuca serriola

Looking up Lactuca serriola on the internet, I am finding plants with jagged edged leaves. Do these develop with age . . . ?

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L. serriola

The lower leaves might be "pinnatifid", according to Rose. The leaves are usually smooth-edged on the specimens I see around here. For example, this iSpot observation:
Maybe there are different subspecies or forms? On the other hand, it's not wise to assume that plant or invertebrate identifications on the web are always right.

Bill Welch

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2 varieties

There are 2 varieties:- serriola and integrifolia which has unlobed leaves.


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Aha, thanks. I will watch out for serriola.


Bill Welch