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Bee IMG_0044sml

Observed: 20th May 2012 By: T-boneT-bone’s reputation in InvertebratesT-bone’s reputation in InvertebratesT-bone’s reputation in InvertebratesT-bone’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bee IMG_0044sml

Photographed on a Marigold 20 May 2012 - IMG_0044
Photos 181 and 183 are of a different individual, hopefully the same species, and were taken on 4 June 2012. They have been added to aid identification. The length of the bee (nose to tail) is approx 9-11mm.

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Or Halictus rubicundus

I suspect this is Halictus rubicundus which looks deceptively like an Andrena in the field. Unfortunately we can't see the ridge on the final segment which would be conclusive.

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Halictus rubicundus

I have taken more photos from different angles of what appears to be the same species on the same plant.
I understand that a characteristic of Halictus rubicundus is that it has clear yellow hind tibia, which appears to be the case in the new photos - though I have no experience of judging such things.
What should I be looking for regarding "the ridge on the final segment"? Can you point to an online resource which might help?
Alternatively,can additional photos be added to an existing observation?


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See http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/267343, pic and comment. It is a groove rather than a ridge.



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That groove

Appears to be absent, or is it there, tucked right underneath? - see added photo.