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Sand Lizards

Observed: 13th April 2010 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesVinny’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesVinny’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Sand Lizard male IMG 5931
Sand Lizard nfemale IMG 5765

My first Sand Lizard shots of 2010. The female was actually observed on 10/04/10 but I wanted to post the images together. Pleased with the shot of the male - started off with a 400 mm telephoto, but then switched to a 100 mm macro and got close enough to get some fine details of the scales.

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What terrific pictures!

What terrific pictures!

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Lucky you, we're not likely

Lucky you, we're not likely to see any down here in the south-west, although some have been re-introduced at secret locations.

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Sand lizard

Thanks for some more definitive photographs of sand lizards.

Just to clarify the plainer animal on the left is the male in winter pelage, in summer he will be far more attractive. The spotty animal on the right is the female.

Graham Banwell

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