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Unknown flower

Observed: 30th May 2012 By: jimchipchase

In my garden from a packet of wild flowers seeds. Lost packet don't even know if it's native. Flower is about the size of a 5p coin.

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No identification

Don't think mine is Bladder Ketmia. Have looked at other pictures on the internet. Mine has very thin leaves, about 2mm wide.
Also mine has distinctly pointed petals with 5 stamen only.
Not sure it is a mallow at all. All others I have seen on the internet seem to have larger and more distinct leaves and have numerous stamen. The edges of the petals are tinged with a pinky purple, it is a very attractive flower.

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Definitely not ...

Hibiscus trionum, or anything else in the old-style Malvaceae.

Mallows have the anther filaments fused to form a column forming the style (hence the old name Columniferae for this group). The form of the stigmas varies bit in Hibiscus there are 5 capitate of discoid stigmas.

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But what is it?

Sympetalous petals and epipetalous stamens equal in number to the petals makes it a core asterid, or possibly something in Ericales (e.g. Polemoniaceae), but that covers a lot of territory.

There are several families that can be excluded, including Asteraceae (flowers not in pseudanthia), Lamiaceae (flowers not zygomorphic), Apiaceae (flowers not in umbels) and so on, but that still leaves a lot of ground to cover.