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Blue Tit behaviour

I have a pair of blue tits setting up residence in my bird box, around the box is a flowering quince tree that is in bud, they seem to like removing the buds and dropping them all round the garden. I wwas wondering if there is a reason for this?




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There will undoubtedly be a reason, but are you certain it is the blue tits?
At the moment the wood-pigeons are making substantial inroads into the buds on trees here and during the winter I had a small flock of bullfinches in the garden for over a week that decimated the buds on large parts of flowering cherry and hawthorn.
If it is blue tits, I suppose there is a chance that the buds contain grubs that are the real target. If the buds are open, they copuld be taking the nectar - reasonably high energy food as it is sugar solution - I have seen tits and sparrows drinking nectar many times - most often and most impressively from red-hot pokers (knifophia - actually polinated in nature by sunbirds seeking the nectar), but later in the year.

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I have definitly seen a blue

I have definitly seen a blue tit take a bud and drop it away from the nest, but sparrows could be doing it as well, as we have a lot of them in the garden.