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Observed: 26th May 2012 By: ap3535
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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About 1m high, leaves ovate, sessile, finely toothed, slightly greyish tinge to leaves and stem. Flowers about 1cm, a deeper mauve than in the picture. *No smell*.

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Species with which Dame's Violet (Hesperis matronalis?) interacts


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Hesperis matronalis

I'm pretty certain you are right about this. As for 'no smell' they give off their fragrance in the evening. I think you should edit your post to remove the question mark, which, I suspect will prevent it being added to the carousel.



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Hesperis matronalis

Thanks, John.

it's 8pm, I've tried smelling at the flowers but only a very faint fragrance which might be my wishful thinking!