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Slow Worm

Observed: 26th May 2012 By: sw24643
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Slow Worm

Slow Worm rescued from my cat in the garden, you can see where the end of the tail has been bitten off. Dry, shiny, gold-like colour. The same diameter all the way down the body, including the head. Fortunately it survived to tell the tale.

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It probably shed the tail

It probably shed the tail itself, as a diversion.

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Slow Worm

Possibly, but the cat was playing with it when I found it, and the stump was bleeding.

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The stump will bleed slightly when they throw the tail but only briefly, the muscles that contract to "break" off the tail also clamp the blood vessles closed. It has most likely shed the tail within the past 5 mins.

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Slow Worm

How clever is that? Thanks - such gorgeous creatures.