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Orange Hawkweed

Observed: 21st June 2009 By: DaisyDaisy’s reputation in PlantsDaisy’s reputation in PlantsDaisy’s reputation in Plants
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Found this on the road side in a dampish hollow

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I know this plant as fox-and-cubs. It is rampant in our front garden. It's very distinctive, being the only bright orange dandelion-like flower. Presumably the flower is the fox and the dark buds are the cubs.

It is a garden escape, originating from Europe.

I once read that it is also known as Grim the Collier - no idea why!

Graham Banwell

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I can see why its called

I can see why its called fox-and-cubs, it really is very distinctive with its bright orange flowers, thats how I first spotted it as it shone out between the other speices.

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Grim the Collier

Black hairs prominent on the buds. Miners had black faces when they surfaced.