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Unknown weed?

Observed: 14th May 2012 By: MaxNewbert

This weed was sampled from a grassy area near a crop in Suffolk, and has recently become of interest to my work. I am having a hard time identifying it. It was about 15-20cm in height with each leaf radiating from the root as pictured on the right. And each leaf had a waxy hairless surface.

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HAve you got some more pics?

HAve you got some more pics? YOu can add them here using 'Edit'. It would help to see what it looks like in the field (ie its habit), and a picture of the leaves from the top surface.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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More pictures

Sorry I havent got any more photos, and this weed is now in a -80oC freezer, and unfortunately I didn't take photos of it in its habitat. But the photo on the right is how it was growing in the wild, as a large group of leaves all in a up right direction. It was found in a grassy area next to an oilseed rape field.

Thanks for your help.