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Cluster of snails on tree

Observed: 3rd February 2007 By: mgaved

A group of snails all clusted about 1.5m up a deciduous tree (sorry, picture is on it's side!). This tree was on the edge of little patch of woodland on a hill overlooking the coast at Brancaster, Norfolk. The hill sloping down was open arable farmland, it sloped down to the nearby village then the sea a few hundred metres away. The little copse of woodland looked to be old chalk pits or iron workings or something like that.
Why were all these snails clustered together up a tree? They were on the side facing out of the woodland so any birds flying past could see them, it doesn't seem like it would be a good place to hide from birds. Any ideas of what they are or why they do this?

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any idea why they clustered up a tree?

Thanks David! any idea why they clustered like this 1.5 metres up a tree? I would have thought it would make them vulnerable to birds being so visible there...

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no idea

normally they cluster in sheltered places