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Daisies and buttercups

Observed: 22nd May 2012 By: timcdlucastimcdlucas’s reputation in Plantstimcdlucas’s reputation in Plants

Daisy: Many white petals with yellow centre.
Buttercup: Small yellow flower. Not sure how to tell the species and not sure there's enough information in the photo.

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buttercup id

To tell the three commonest buttercups apart, look at the sepals (green bits below the petals) - if folded back against the stem it is Bulbous Buttercup. Meadow Buttercup tends to be taller and has very narrow segments to the leaves. The third common one is Creeping Buttercup, which has runners. The leaf shape helps, but it hard to describe in words. I have all three in a small patch of grass, and can't tell them apart by looking just at the tops of the flowers.

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Yes, once I found out there was so many species I assumed my photo would be inadequate. But I put it up just so I could get a comment like that one. Thank you very much! Can't go back to the flowers to check so unidentified they will have to remain.

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Better luck next time!

I've found that ispot is very good for finding out what to look for.