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3 bees 28.5.12

Observed: 28th May 2012 By: Jane McWeenyJane McWeeny’s reputation in Invertebrates
 3 bees 28.5.12

This gang of bees moved into a dense clump of mature ivy in my garden hedge about 2 weeks ago. I can't see them clearly as they're dancing around fast and continuously. They seem to have furry orange thorax, shiny black abdomen and furry white tail.
Overall size and shape compared to honey bee is smaller and dumpier.

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only an over-wintered Queen

only an over-wintered Queen will have moved into your ivy,the others have been raised there and you are just becoming aware of the increase in numbers.


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Bombus Hypnorum

Thanks for your helpful info - I didn't know anything about bees, but am learning fast, thanks to these very interesting new neighbours.
I gather bombus hypnorum has only been observed in the UK over the past 10 years, starting in the south, and now they're already in York.
Are they a danger to native bees?

I'm also new to ispot and having difficulty adding further photos of the bees' behaviour, so am putting up my most interesting picture as a new observation. I hope you will be able to comment.

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Hi, just press edit on your posting and then "add a new image".

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Yes, the bee is a recent arrival from europe, arriving here in Leicestershire vc55 4 or 5 yrs ago. According to those who are the experts in these things, they pose no threat to our 'native' Bumbles. This year, until the deterioration in the weather, they were my most frequent Bombus and at present they still are, with our 'natives' appearing to have been knocked back by the bad weather.