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Marine worm - Lydstep Haven

Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: darwincentre
The Darwin Centre
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Can't tell from the picture

Its an errant polychaete (although thats not a level of organisations the taxonomists recognise).Its either a member of the Nereidae or Nephytidae but the features needed to be sure are not visible.

For identification, polychaetes are better viewed submerged in water as we need to see details of sensory and feeding structures on the head. Ideally its also nice to see details of the parapodia (the legs).

Failing all that, some habitat details might have helped narrow down the options a bit.

There are only a very small number of polychaete species that can be identified with any certainty from a macro-photograph however with a good image identification to family is ofthen possible.

Mike Kendall