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Surprising crow behaviour

I was working over Salisbury way last week when I happened to look up and see a crow suddenly fly directly vertical. From my viewpoint I was looking at its back and the top surface of its wings and I saw it powering straight up in a way I have never seen a bird fly. In fact I didn't know they were capable of flying in this way, the nearest thing I have seen is footage of gannets underwater.
It took something from the air, perhaps a twig or a feather which I estimate to be about 3 or 4 inches long and may have been dropped by another bird in the group. With this in its beak it went chasing after one of the other crows in the group, which avoided it for around ten seconds, after which time it flew off to perch in a tree. The second crow then followed and perched by it.
I was fascinated and think perhaps that it was giving an offering, maybe in courtship?
I would love to know if anyone has any thoughts about this behaviour or if such a thing has been recorded before